We are on a mission to unriddle the world’s atmosphere

What if weather forecasts actually worked?

There’s a reason that some of the world’s highest performing super computers are used for weather forecasting. It is a really hard engineering problem to solve. And yet, using our unique insights into meteorology, physics and machine learning, we have found a way to make weather forecasts work. We could not just marginally improve what others had done, in 3 years of research we had to completely re-invent weather forecasting from the ground up.

We use data that nobody else can and our models predict phenomena that had not been known to physicists before. Our platform uses more data points for one city than all of the global meteorological services use for the entire world.

In summary, we use very large amounts of data and the latest technology to finally make weather forecasts work.

Who cares?

Industries like parametric insurance, renewable energies and autonomous delivery fleets will not reach their full potential unless they get accurate weather forecasts and environmental data. Weather forecasting services is a $7BN market, while weather services more broadly is a $30bn market. In other words: Many people care and they are willing to pay serious money for what we do.

Environmental Data

Only 1% of available data is used today. We unlock the 99%.

Higher Resolution*

More Frequent*

*Depending on the region under consideration.

“This is the most accurate weather data I have ever seen”

Dominik Jung

German Meteorologist

A huge quantity of sources for an extraordinary amount of data


Over 1000+ sources with Jua

5 sources with Government


Jua’s model

Numerical models

Map of Berlin, Germany


Easy access to high-resolution data. Quickly and seamlessly.

A dynamic platform customisable to meet your needs

An API easily integrable into your workflow




We are a team of accomplished and yet hungry, intelligent and yet down to earth, outrageously ambitious and yet agreeable people.

Most people think we are crazy to some extent. We just think we are solving one of the most interesting engineering problems of our time. We are motivated by radically improving our understanding of weather and climate. And we make sure we hire only people whom we actually enjoy spending time with.

Remote- and results-first

We are currently spread across Berlin & Zurich and are flexible about when and where we work.

Fair compensation & serious equity

We offer top compensation as well as generous shares in the company.

A highly motivated team

We are a team on a mission

Don’t find the role or position you are looking for? Get in touch with us , and we’ll gladly discuss more opportunities

Providing the foundation for a sustainable and resilient future

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